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Tis the season of apples, so I thought why not make some of my favorite apple recipes, and explore some new recipes. The first time I used apple butter was in a pie. When I starting searching for ideas for new recipes to try I came across this apple butter cookie recipe from dixie crystals […]

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We are The Hendy Tribe. We are a God fearing family of creatives. We love capturing precious family moments, sharing our journery and creativity with other families.

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Hi There! I’m Jamairais!

mother/ actor/ creator

Hi there, I’m Jamairais. I am a military wife, mother of four, actor, creator, and educator. I love creating memories with my family doing the things that we love like cooking, DIY Projects, arts & crafts, and traveling. Making my house into a home where we can all learn, grow, thrive, and create is something I’m truly passionate about. I’m navigating the sacred beautiful space called motherhood and hoping to inspire and uplift other parents and creative along the way.

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